Camino Frances Day 9: A Blend of Memories, Weather, and Lessons Learned | Day 260 of my 2023 Journal

Camino Day 9

Camino Frances. Day nine.

It is beginning to blur. We walk and walk and walk.

Down the mountain was stunning, and it was so much down. We had decided to walk 25 to get to Sarria because there were few choices.

The last four were very hard, but we made it.

The day was full of weather changes: Rain, sun, clouds, wind, no wind, more sun, and rain again and all over.

We slept at the campsite where we started our Camino last year—a lovely memory.

This was also the day where those who took the complementary route walked NINE kilometers less than those who did not notice the sign and walked all of the 24. So, we learned to stop and double-check it when there are multiple options. 

I get to walk a lot with Cheryl as we have the same pace. It is incredible what the Camino provides, all of that energy to walk so much farther than you would think you could, and a new friend.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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