The Quiet Moments: A Day of Rest and Reunion | Day 280 of my 2023 Journal


Not much to say!

Jesper's parents were scheduled to arrive in the evening, and we spent the day in their rented apartment with an amazing balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. Preparing for their arrival, we needed some rest after the long day in Barcelona, and it was wonderful to do that inside.

In the last light, what they call La Hora de los Guapos* here, I went swimming with the children while Jesper drove to the airport to pick up his parents. 

We shared a meal with them when they arrived and followed them home.

There is not much to say.

The ocean is blue and beautiful, visits from home are meaningful and essential, and the night is almost cool. Days of rest are just that.

All the little things are done, plus a lot of letting go of little things to stare at the horizon, text friends, organize photos and drink water.

I also did not take any photos, except for a sunset selfie (embarrassing)!

With love


Cecilie Conrad

*La Hora de los Guapos = The hour of the beautiful - in the setting sun, where all people become beautiful :)

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