Family, Blessings, and the Beach: A Day to Remember | Day 281 of my 2023 Journal


Taking the parents out

It is part of closing the circle to take Jesper's parents to the bus at Mon La Bassa.

A slow walk, sharing stories from the five years we have spent there, letting them in on details and strategies, letting them meet Kiwi, our pig we bottle-fed and sit under the fig tree having lunch like we have done so many times. As we have only been there to pack and let go of stuff this time around, it was also lovely for us to be there to hang out and take in the vibe.

Mon La Bassa is very special, and we will always come back, even after selling the bus and shipping the stuff.

Especially for my husband, I am sure, it had a profound impact to share this with his parents, a sort of blessing after the fact. Not that we need it - and yet, Maybe we need it? The blessing of our parents? At least it is nice to have.

Later we went to the beach. It would be a crime not to swim on a day like this: The Mediterranean blue and still and cool, the sun open and warm, the day beautiful, full of smiles and bare feet and birds. We walked by the ocean to have ice cream and enjoy the sunset before we drove to beautiful Sitges for dinner at our friend's excellent organic restaurant, Dosa Nova.

A reunion with like-minded and an amazing dinner served with love by a friend - what more can you ask for at the end of a day with loved ones?

Walking, I almost said to my son: “You only have one mother!” As I was trying to explain why we only planned bit by bit and did things slowly on the day - and then I realized I have four parents. But okay. The number of parents is usually quite limited; let's just put it that way!

And half of mine are dead.

So, I have a normal number (2) left.

Walking with my in-laws, I realize the importance of the relationship, enjoy my husband's wonderful parents, and think about life. And I want to sit down and meditate and find peace with the ones I have lost and the ones I have left, so much time wasted by holding on to grudges, being annoyed, feeling overlooked or misunderstood.

Why not just lean into the love?

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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