Finding Comfort and Healing in Mexico: Our Journey with Vegan Treats and Slow Days | Day 299 of my 2023 Journal

long and slow days

A vegan, organic restaurant around the corner is a blessing.

Our slow landing in Mexico did not urge us to eat much; we enjoyed the nice kitchen in the apartment and the home life.

Fighting the jetlag and the virus, we took with us or caught on the way, especially Silke, has been suffering. It took the mood, challenged the overcoming of jetlag, and made things harder than they had to be, adjusting to the new situation.

Silke had had to stay home many times when we went for the exploring walks because of nausea and headache. By now, we have realized it was a combination of the wisdom teeth arriving, the virus we caught in Spain just before leaving, and the jetlag - but for Silke, doubled up by air-condition. Once we turned it off, it seemed it got better.

And what worked was to push ourselves out of the apartment for just a little walk, urged by the promise of cake at the vegan, organic restaurant we had passed a few times. It is easy at the home kitchen to make lovely meals, but I know how much work goes into vegan raw cakes, so we were just so happy to sit down and order all three variants of the vegan cheesecake at the cozy place.

The cake sparked the energy Silke had not had the past days, and she decided to also walk to the Playa Pelicans, where the dogs could run free; the birds flew over us, and the sunset was beautiful.

We have to accept it takes time to relocate. Adjusting to the timezone, adjusting to the new flora of bacteria, adjusting to the climate.

Meanwhile, we can do our yoga in the morning and have raw cakes in the afternoon. Not so bad.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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