Beach Walks and Home Life: Balancing Adventure and Relaxation in Mexico | Day 300 of my 2023 Journal


Beach walking and home life!

One of the things everyone said we need to go see around here is cenotes. We are still too stoned out by the climate- and timezone change to plan for day trips involving car rental, so for now, we explore walkable options. Not too far away, we found a Cenotito, a small cenote, at the beach. A cenote is an underground river carving out a small lake or swimmable area. The overwhelming ones appear like a hole in the ground, and when you look down, there is this paradise of cool water happening. I have seen the pictures.

The day was windy and beautiful, but the small center was disappointing, especially because the beach was enclosed, and guards told us we had to leave because of the dogs. It was cool water emerging from underground and in and of itself quite interesting, and we saw some animals we had not seen before, a mammal and some birds (not yet identified, and we do not have photos), which was a success. Jesper and Fjord played in the big waves while I sat in the sand, getting very annoyed by the wind and sand. Some days, it is amazing at the beach, and some days, it creeps into the corners of everything and becomes very annoying.

Not to complain. It was a lovely day. And I am grateful we have several weeks, as some of the places to visit look more interesting on the map than they are in real life.

In the evening, we tried to do our Mexico experience from the sofa by watching the Frida Kahlo movie. Energy spent on the jetlag and the virus we are fighting can be frustrating to feel a bit understimulated in the context of all the new and exciting. So we did movie night with Kenia and Sophia, perfect for a Friday night.

And as if the day had not been rich enough, we were disturbed by a parade of bikers. They had cars with boom blasters; people dressed up as bad guys, cars decorated to look like there had been killing happening in or around them, fake AK47s shot in the air (but with substation noise), and hundreds of bikers making all the noise they could.

Okay. Double up to not having to leave the apartment to have an experience.

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Cecilie Conrad

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