Cultural Immersion and Personal Reflections Amidst Recovery | Day 301 of my 2023 Journal


I woke up entirely beside myself.

Everything annoying. Questioning everything. Frustrated with everything equally. It seems the virus we have to begin that way. First, you are very annoyed and frustrated; then you become sick. Interesting.

Well. I woke up in this off mood and had to go pretty far with my inner work to reach a balanced place. It worked. And I went out for coffee with my daughter, the one who is here with me. Always nice to do.

Later, we sat out for a walk with our friends to reach some ruins at the other end of the city, but we only got halfway before we found an art gallery. Hungry for culture and always interested in art, we went in to explore. The place had stuff of real quality, sparking our interest, allowing us to wake up the corner of the mind transcending, ready, and open to what may come through from the inexplainable.

As we had just seen the Frida Kahlo movie the night before, the theme of art made a full circle, and after the experience, we were done with the touristy 5th Avenue and decided to go back. To not push the energy levels too much, Silke, in the process of recovering, did not even join as it was his turn to be at the low curve of the virus.

So we ate something and played some more Viking Uno before we went out to see a Day of the Dead Parade.

It is always worth it to get out there.

Here is what happened: Noticing a lot more police in the street, we walked to the parade's starting point to find nine people dressed up for the day. Okay. Not a parade as such. But okay. Always better to get out there. Then came running a lot of people in pink t-shirts running for breast cancer, I suppose. And in the end, WE ran to see if we could catch the moonrise, which we couldn’t as it was too cloudy.

Failure? Not really. Just an evening walk with no specific goal, ending with everyone on the sofa. Kenia is kind enough to entertain us and help us stay awake.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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