Embracing Imperfection: The Journey of Preserving a Writing Streak Amidst Chaos | Day 309 of my 2023 Journal


Saving the Streak.

To be honest, I am just trying to save my streak here. I was whacked out of my balance, fell off my daily writing wagon, and got lost in the everyday chores and the enormous challenge of balancing EVERYTHING.

We had too much piled up to be fixed while in Playa, and I was suddenly faced with the fact that we would not make it. Not all of it. We wanted to get our to-do lists cleared out, the prospect projects planned out and started, our kids' education projects nicely organized, and the planning of the next six months of traveling done while being at Playa.

Once we realized half of the time had gone by just handling the jetlag and adjusting to the culture and climate, only getting started on the big projects, we were a bit put off.

So we went for a walk. I had to turn around, as one dog was in heat, and walking the dog beach was just impossible. Yet - we were out walking in the sunshine together.

I took a photo of the Encanto beach to send to my sister's kids and a posh-pretend photo on a pink sofa. Sometimes, frustration has to be met with sarcasm.

We have a good life. A very good one. As awesome as the photo of Storm and Jesper playing basketball in sandals in the sunset.

We might not achieve it all while “pausing” at Playa. But we are not track. No doubt about it.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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