Finding Meaning in Life's Wandering Journeys | Day 310 of my 2023 Journal


The fragmented format.

Really, the adventure is the long walks we do. Sometimes in epic landscapes, sometimes in well-known territory, sometimes in new zones, sometimes for a reason, often for none at all.

Now, we went on a walk to hunt down some board games and art supplies. It takes a good chunk of your time to find things in new settings; often, Amazon fixes it for us, and was the walk in and of itself not worth it, I would go all in on this rabbit hole, just order everything online.

Isolated as a task, the hours spent by five people trying to find some paint and a deck of cards are not worth the trouble.

But then you stop to think about the coffee cup, seeing it all, the conspiracy of coffee? And sweat under the Mexican sun while looking for hairclips for all of the hair while enjoying the street art. And then we walk some more and stand back with awe when we again realize how chaotic the Mexican electricity cables are.

All five of us together when we see the eagle again and take the time to look it up. It must be the Mexican Eagle, even though we can not see the white markings in the silhouette of the blue sky. We laugh when the supermarket sells a jigsaw puzzle with our city as a cover photo.

And we walk back. It is exhausting to be out in the heat among the cars, the colors, and the commute. We need water and peace and to hang on the sofa watching documentaries. Supersize Me inspired us on this day, a classic in the genre.

All of this is not a clear focus, but it is not off track entirely, either. It is just life unfolding. Some tired dust shaken off our shoulders, some time to mind wander and let Mexico sink in.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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