Buslife - The beginning: Our first week on the road


This gallery is about the week when we started driving in the bus, going south, and learning to live in the bus as we moved around.

This week has been spectacular, truly amazing. I know I say this a lot: Most of our weeks are spectacular and amazing. So, rather I should say: What is amazing and spectacular about this week is we actually began road-tripping in the big red bus. There have been months of preparation, years of dreaming and planning, and finally, on Tuesday, we took off. As the bus had minor problems and major problems technically, we were very nervous, asking ourselves: Will it actually drive? Also, we needed to get used to all the new sounds, smells, and physical sensations of driving. Lots and lots of mental energy was spent in this area.

And we did practical stuff: getting the right air pressure in the wheels, getting the new GPS to work, understanding how and where to park to just sleep a night, getting into routines of packing everything and getting ready to drive as opposed to living in the bus. Organizing and re-organizing.

As for the mental or spiritual part, we learn the same lessons over and over. How to trust God, how to stay in the flow, how to listen to all the signals, how to let go of fear, worries, and ideas, and stay in the present moment and say yes to what is just around us. We truly experience being surrounded by angels and that whatever we need is always within reach; good people want to join and help, and awesome possibilities are opening when we are open and ready to see them and to listen.

As we have been to many locations this week and in 3 countries, I will share an overview before the gallery:

On Monday, we were at the farm Åmarksgård in Solrød.

Tuesday, we took off; first, we had the wheels adjusted in Køge, and then we drove to Knudshoved, where we stayed overnight.

Wednesday, we drove to Aabenraa in the south of Denmark. First, we got the wheels fixed once more, and after that, we re-connected with old friends: My high school friend Marie-Luise and her family were the first guests we had for dinner in the bus, and Jesper's old roomie Mikkel came for a conversation and a hug. Wonderful.

Thursday, we shopped for practical stuff to adjust some tech, drove to Padborg to get the wheels fixed one more time (this one final), and then we proceeded into Germany and drove to Sittesen, where we slept just next to the public outdoor bath. Took an evening walk under the stars and felt deeply grateful.

Friday, we enjoyed the sunflower field and organic farm just a few hundred meters from our bus, did a bit of organic shopping, and enjoyed the calves that lived with their mothers and the rabbits, and the playground. In the afternoon, we took off and drove to Holland, to the city of Zwolle, where we had good friends. We parked right next to friends of our friends, next to the canal and a houseboat. The most amazing Holland experience!

Saturday, we enjoyed the surroundings: The houseboat and our bus, organizing and fixing bikes, and cooking and cleaning. In the afternoon, we went out on our bikes to see a bit more of Zwolle, found parks and animals, and visited our friends.

Peace and love


Cecilie Conrad

It is my core value to share, be honest, and dare to be vulnerable. I am grateful you are reading my blog, and I would be even more grateful if you comment, send me an email, or otherwise engage. Thank you.


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