Yippee-ki-yay Mother F****ers | Day 315 of my 2023 Journal


It can come as no surprise that we spent most of this day recovering. Especially the emotional reaction to becoming the gringos, being entertained by Mexicos best exploring by taxi, guide and lifevest and “private tour,” we needed to come back to ourselves by little things.

Math studies in the morning. Showers. Lunch. I went for a walk with my husband to talk a bit. In Europe, we drive long distances, and the driving becomes our talking space - here, we don’t have it, and we feel it. We need to prioritize it more.

Storm had just changed his aligners and had his first-day headache.

It was just a slow day.

In the afternoon, we decided to walk into the lion's mouth, as we realized Storm's shirt was ripped and the other, bought the same day in Palermo, worn just as thin. So we went shopping for clothes. At Fifth Avenue. On a Saturday.

We managed to survive it, and I snapped this photo of a poor Mexican among his stuff for tourists, sleeping with his smartphone in hand. Oh my god, how long can we stand this insanity?


Once we had nailed two shirts and two pairs of pants (all you need when you live in a 40L backpack), we went back and handled it by watching a movie with the same kind of over-doing it, contrasting, like a caricature yet real and fun and classic: We managed to stay awake through 2/3 of Die Hard laughing of new details like the obvious change of tanktop 1/3 through (from a white one to a brown one, it is too nicely dirty) and the English subtitles not translating German, so all German was “Speaking German” - as if NO ONE can ever understand German and the film-makers did not intend ANYONE ever to understand it. Why do the Americans live with this? I wonder if they translate a movie in French or if the entire film is subtitled “Speaking French”?! What is WRONG with this world?!

Well, as it happens, a lot.

But no matter.

The adventure is the adventure, and we embrace it.

After a day as gringo tourists, laughing Yippee Ki Yay was exactly what we needed, emotionally and existentially, by staying close to each other, shopping for clothes, and watching Netflix on the sofa. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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