The Unforeseen Challenge: Dogs in Heat While Traveling | Day 316 of my 2023 Journal

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I had not seen this one coming.

This was a challenge we did not see coming. We know it IS, in general, a challenge to travel with dogs, but it also opens doors and brings smiles, and our dogs are part of our equation, so it is not up for debate.

But this one we had not seen coming.

Flying 12 hours with two dogs, yes, that would present a challenge; we were ready for that. It went smoothly, a grand success.

But having TWO little dogs, BOTH on heat while in Mexico, of all places, has proven a challenge that will go down in our personal history. We are at a point now where even walking WITHOUT the dogs attracts male street dogs!

You just have to laugh about it!

We walk carrying the dogs in our arms, trying to politely tell the street dogs to leave us be, returning with tired arms and dogs who still need to go for a walk.
It is crazy. But this, too, will pass. It is a few weeks, and we do laugh. Because it IS funny.

This walk was a random one; we have settled down now, the habits are established, and we are enjoying our days; the FOMO and the restlessness are gone.

But we still want to go for a walk after lunch, and Playa still has new murals to offer, more little corners and surprises to share, and anywhere (almost) is a good place to go for a walk with someone you love; it is part of our family rhythm, it is what we do.

Even if we have to carry the dogs. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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