Casa Azul: The Frida Kahlo museum | Day 347 of my 2023 Journal


The central story of this day is the earthquake. Thank God we have no pictures. Because there was nothing to take photos of. Except for a lot of people in the streets.

Fjord and I were lying on the bed talking while the rest of the family were at the anthropological museum when the bed started to feel wobbly, and the clothes on the hangers began to move. We grabbed the dogs, the keys, and the shoes and ran out to meet everyone else in the middle of the street.


Kinda crazy!

It is standard procedure in Mexico City to evacuate when there is an earthquake and stay out pretty long, as the city is built on mud. That much we knew already, so we decided to go for a walk, to spend the time well, while it was unsafe to enter buildings. Later, we discovered the epicenter was inside the city, south of our location, and only 2.8 on the Richter scale. Not too bad.

But quite the feeling of being vulnerable.

Upon the return of the rest of the family, we shared lunch and made plans. In the afternoon and evening, we repeated the walk to the city center, this time later in the day, not on a Sunday. We passed some more dodgy areas, and the market was closed, so there was no passion fruit; we did find the camera shops Erik was looking for, and we saw an area of the center being closed. Later, we learned it is because the president lives in this area, and too many people want to kill him, so they close the whole place off at night, just in case.


We sat down at the same vegan restaurant. Just this time, another cook was working the kitchen, and this time it was lame. All the elements were there, but the cook could not cook, burning some things and leaving others cold, making lukewarm tea and serving old salad. Too bad.

When we came home, we had walked about 15 kilometers. It was like a day on the Camino, plus the big-city experience and the earthquake.

We sleep very well at night here. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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