In transit again: Going to Baja Sur, California| Day 348 of my 2023 Journal


I scored eight out of ten on the travel score sheet of my son-in-law, as I had brought a knife in the packed lunch - the knife took my two last points.

Everything else went so smoothly that it was hard to understand. The family was ready on time, the pre-ordered transfer to the airport, the documents prepared for the dogs, the circus at security, and we sat for two hours at the gate.

Well. Not that my achievement has to take center stage in our travels, but it did go very well. Which was nice. Sometimes, the travel days are too much, but this one was sweet. Upon landing in La Paz, we rented a car and did some shopping before we drove to meet our friends in a house about an hour away.


This is a new landscape.


It’s like watching a western movie. Cacti large as trees, classic Lucky Luke style; vultures circling, a dead cow on the side of the road, long dusty roads. It is a landscape that might remind us of Andalucia, but it is very different.

To arrive at a seafront villa full of friends enjoying the sunset was overwhelming. There is no other way to explain it. The contrast between the city of Mexico and this beautiful landscape of water and pelicans and sunset and stars reminds me of this toy we had as kids, with stories in small pictures. Hold it in front of your face, press a slider on the side, and the picture changes.

This time, it changed a lot.

And it was great!

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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