La Ventana: Welcome to Baja Sur | Day 349 of my 2023 Journal


The house my friend rented to share with us to welcome us to Baja is sporting a sunrise option. The perfect one. You even have to walk through the kitchen to get there, so you might as well make some coffee on the way.

Looking towards the mountains on the island and to the horizon, the light changes beautifully as everyone wakes up and arrives before the sun ends the show with a spectacular arrival.

Is this my life?

Today, it is.

And tomorrow. Probably.

These people are so easy to hang with, as chill as us, and even though we have never lived together before, the flow is good, and we all take our time to arrive.

We went for a long walk in the morning along the beach, enjoying the ocean, the pelicans, the conversations, the peace. And really, all it was was beach time and settling in. Tortillas, pool, hot tub, and stars at the end of the day. Conversations, birds, wind, sunset. Beautiful.

There is nothing much to say about it.

Life is this.

The moving around.

The people we move for.

Reaching out to the opportunities, taking what is, and appreciating all the big and little gifts of life.

It seems obvious right now the right thing is to enjoy the fantastic nature around us and the people we get to share the experience with. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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