Wild West Walk in La Ventana | Day 350 of my 2023 Journal


One thing is the sunrises. They will go down in history as precious moments, slow, beautiful rising of light with the actual rising of the sun above the horizon being the Grand Finale, the moment we are waiting for but simultaneously the moment turning down the extremeness of it all. From pitch dark to high sun, from colorful changes every minute to amazing high hope blue the rest of the day.

With coffee, friends, and family, and a little blanket, we sit there to enjoy this together, to be in each in our own moment, yet together in the beauty.

That is one thing. One thing that is hard to describe. Hard to take pictures of, covering what it is.

Another thing was the walk.

Two hours of planning and negotiations of who was coming and who was not finally got us out walking. Not far, and not all of us, as some are down with some virus, but still, we wanted to get out there and do something other than the beautiful house with the view and the friends and the pool and the kitchen and the big sofa, inviting all 11 of us to sit down at the same time!

Have we become part-time Americans? Bigger, better, faster, more. More more more?

Maybe we just like to go for a walk after lunch. So we went.

Alongside the beach, looking at the pelicans and the kitesurfers, we ended up at Playa Caliente at the wrong time of day (we realized), with high tide covering the thermal pools. So we broke off from the seafront, also because Sulaima was afraid of the wind and the surfers, and went on an adventure through what looked like westerns from my childhood.

Cacti as big as trees, vultures circling with their enormous wings and redheads and patience, dry, dusty long dirt roads, and we joked about the next thing being a cadaver along the road and some wind wishes coming towards us.

What happened was a mummified dog and the leg bone of what might have been a goat just minutes after we said it, and not wind weeds but a truck with Americans asking us if we were looking for gold and if we were okay out there walking.

We were.

Very much so.  

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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