Happy Days in La Ventana | Day 351 of my 2023 Journal


What does it mean to be happy?

Often, we don’t stop to understand it while it is ongoing; we trot along and live, only to realize how much we had the moment we lost it.

Does it help to be nomadic?


I would say we have the advantage: We do not fall asleep. We keep moving, keep rocking the boat, keep deciding on what is the most important thing to do, and keep asking ourselves to pay attention.

Yet, I sometimes have to pinch myself. Here I am with my four children, my husband, and my lovely bonus-son-in-law, Erik, my daughter’s boyfriend. Here I am in the sunshine in the middle of the winter. Here I am, walking, talking, laughing. Here I am, healthy and happy.

And the sun is rising in the morning, opening the day with immense beauty, and doing the same in the evening as a goodnight kiss on the cheek by an angel.
In between, we get to play with the paddleboard, look at the fish, walk the beach, observe the birds, work with our podcasts, release another podcast, have conversations, laugh, and enjoy a movie night with popcorn.


Happy days.

Don’t forget to pay attention. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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