Yay, snow! | Day 70 of my 2023 Journal


Yay, snow!

We have crossed the mountains from the coast and sunshine to the coast, crossing a landscape of snow. And we lived in Sant’Oleo for three days looking at the mountains. Our exploration of Italy would not be fulfilled without actually visiting the snowcapped mountains.

So we did. For a full hour, we drove up and up and up. Roads were good and dry and not too steep. At 1.500 meters, we parked at a ski resort and went for a beautiful walk. Snow is just wonderful. It was melting, and on the way up, we saw a lot of waterfalls.

We walked in the deep snow through a small forest and some ski-resort homes and back; the children took a rolling down the hill situation and were soaked afterward. They said it was worth it. We laughed a lot. The sun through the trees reflecting in the snow was very beautiful. The trees were tall and loving. We loved them back.

The dogs, of course, were so happy running and sniffing and running some more before digging holes and running. They did become very cold, but only when they had to stand still to wait for us. So we tried to keep u0.

Returning to the van and the ski resort, we rented some sleds and had good old-fashioned fun going down full speed. We enjoyed the beauty of the mountain, the clouds, the sun, the light, and the other people. There is something about snow that just makes us smile.

In the end, we had a lot of warm coffee and wrapped our cold feet in thick blankets, except for the driver, who drove down wearing his woolen slippers. 

Another day well lived.

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