We are not on vacation | Day 69 of my 2023 Journal


Since my first blog, it has always been important to me to share the reality, vulnerability, frustration, and complexity. There is too much superficial postcard flashy sharing out there and too little authenticity.

We have been traveling full-time for nearly five years since the summer of 2018. Over this time, we have been conditioned to this premise.

We do not have a single home, we do not stay in the same place, and we do not have stable routines.

We keep going, keep moving, and keep exploring. We explore cities, museums, walks, mountains, cultures, music, languages, and landmarks.

People. Most importantly, people. All the time.

At the same time, we have all of life with us.

We grow. We learn. We evolve our relationships. We do admin stuff. We educate ourselves. We read books. We need time to organize, plan, clean, repair stuff, work, and meditate. There is so much to do outside of the "adventure."

The big difference is the feel of it.

Our life is not a pause from another life or an escape.

Days have to balance all of the needs of a family; we have to create room for everyone and everything within the frame of moving around. 

It does not feel like a vacation. Maybe it is the reverse: It feels like a pause when we stop to do math and pushups. Reverse emotion of a nomad.

When I share stories from our lives, it can easily look like one long vacation, and there are many similarities. The one truly different thing is the base, the fact that we are not coming back, we are not escaping anything, and nothing can wait. We have to do all of the ordinary things while on the road.

We are grateful to have a life from which we do not need a pause. We have created and allowed ourselves a life with freedom enough to decide how we want to live today, what we want to do, and where we want to go.

It is not a vacation. There is nothing to vacate from.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

Thank you for reading

I would love to hear from you. Listen to your thoughts and reflections - or praise :) It is often emotional to share our lives like this, and we get very happy when we get feedback from you. So feel free to share a comment below 😋 

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