Deschooling and free play

Free play is precious, it is obvious – but how and why did we, the adults lose it? And in what way do we know it, when we find it again? A peek into our lives and reflections on the subject.

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Slow-living - an uncut diamond

Recently we discovered Slow-living - we learned to create a space for slow-living in your life follows in the wake of minimalism, together with a sharper clarification of values and liberation. Read how we made space for Slow Living and what it does for us.

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Discovering the Unplanned Magic of Amsterdam: Soap Bubbles, Street Art, and Family Adventure

The magic of Amsterdam gave us a day to enjoy and remember. We set out originally for Paris, France, but decided to go slowly, living our lives on the road – like we always do, but this time in a more conscious way, driving short lengths and having small goals and very flexible plans.

So, the day we left the coast of the Netherlands and studied the special landscape there, we decided to pass through Amsterdam to see the wonderful sunflowers by Van Gogh, since we both love sunflowers and art.


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City of Love - Our Road Trip to Paris: Living in the Moment and Loving It

The Moments, when travelling: Like having a croissant and coffee in the sun.

So, this is a short blog post - part of the migration of our traveling blog to our main blog. This post will be the first in English since it sort of makes sense to make sure, everybody in the worldschooling and (un)schooling the world communities can join in. I am a schooled woman, and I have this built-in fear of grammatical - or spelling mistakes, that has made it virtually impossible for me to write in English - wh…

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