365 Challenge

Stuck in the desert | Day 361 of my 2023 Journal

stuck in the desert
We needed to buy gasoline halfway through our trip and arrived at a gas station that was out of electricity. Therefore, they could not pump the gasoline and, hence, not sell it to us. And they had no idea (of course) when the problem would be fixed.


The Sea of Cortez | Day 354 of my 2023 Journal

Just get out there. On the water. In the water. That is the recommendation from everyone we met living on boats for everyone else. And it is very true.
The first thing we met was a humpback whale and its calf. It was, of course, amazing, and we all felt if we see nothing more today, it is a success anyway.


La Ventana: Welcome to Baja Sur | Day 349 of my 2023 Journal

Life is this. The moving around. The people we move for. Reaching out to the opportunities, taking what is, and appreciating all the big and little gifts of life. It seems obvious right now the right thing is to enjoy the fantastic nature around us and the people we get to share the experience with.


The waiting Monday | Day 345 of my 2023 Journal

It is nice to sometimes just have a practical day. We needed papers to travel with the dogs, so Silke and I walked to the local vet; smiling, professional, and friendly, she helped us with the paperwork, and we had the pleasure of meeting a real wolf in the waiting room. It was also a day of waiting, as Liv and Erik would arrive in the early evening.


The long walk of CDMX | Day 344 of my 2023 Journal

The classic pilgrimage to the main art museum, the cathedral, the central square, and the Aztec ruins took us through a rich array of experiences. The market for handmade artifacts, some amazing and some cheap stuff for tourists. The dodgy area where people live in tents in the streets.